Elements Pens

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Customized elements pens are perfect for students studing chemistry. If  your target cleints are teenages, you shall order your customized elements pens with your company brand and logo on them. Elements pens are also called Innovating Science pens have enclosed periodic miniature charts for fingertip ease of looking up elements, and is double-sided to depict a periodic table on the front, and a reference chart on the back for detailed study. The charts are colored-coded to distinguish between metals, non-metals, and noble gas families, and differentiate types of metals, solids, liquids, and gases from synthetic elements. Each also includes name, symbol, atomic number, weight, mass, and electron configuration for further detail. The pen is suitable for age 13 and older.

The Power of All the Elements in the Known Universe Literally at your Fingertips
This black ink pen hides a roll-out Periodic Table.  On the front side is a full color Periodic Table. The back side features a plethora of science facts including common conversion factors, physical constants, gas laws, etc.
Featuring a rubberized grip and convenient pocket clip, this is a great everyday pen for yourself and a thoughtful gift for other.
*Note: Price is for a single pen. Two pens shown in the image above in to display both sides of its roll-out feature.
  • Max Print size: 155*64mm (that’s the visible size on finished products, your artwork shall be 5-10mm larger for backgroud bleeding)
  • Artwork Format: .ai or PDF or any high quality image
Barrel colors: Blue, Black,White, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and more.
Ink colors: Blue or Black
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Minimum Order Quantity – 500
Contact us for a quote. We can delivery the customized elements pens to your door at North America, including USA,Canada, Mexico, West European Countries, such as Germany, France, UK.