Custom Portable Mechanical Luggage Scale

No battery required. Portable mechanical luggage scale. Simple and easy. No need to worry of out of battery.
Avoid unexpected overweight baggage charges with an easy-to-use Portable Luggage Scale. Weigh your luggage before you even reach the airport, so you can pack and plan accordingly. This portable luggage weighing scale is ideal for frequent business travelers and one-time sojourners alike The device features an ergonomically contoured open-loop design that fits easily onto the handle of most standard suitcases, along with a sturdy, chrome-plated steel baggage hook for secure lifting. The advanced compact luggage scale has an easy-to-read display, mechamical structure inside, no battery is need. Make your next trip through the airport security line a little less stressful with this portable luggage scale that quickly calculates precise weights up to 75 lbs.
Put your custom company logo on those portable mechanical scales,  as the scale is very helpful to your high value business client, thus your company logo will show up every time they use them!

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